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 QEBS specializing in the production of standard and non - standard bearings; furniture doors and pulleys, pulley and plastic hardware accessories and is committed to the development of door closers, buffer.

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QEBSwas established in 2010,specializing in bearings(standard & non-standard sizes), wheels, rollers, dampers, hardware accessories for window & doors & furniture. QEBS products are widely applied to Window&Door, Castors, Trolleys, Elevator, Medical instruments, Convey system, Sliding system, Industry etc. 

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 Tchien bearings specializing in the production of standard and non - standard bearings. The products are mainly used for doors and windows, carts, elevators, transmission machinery, furniture, medical instruments, bags and various industrial products.
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Zhejiang ningbo yuyao XiaoCaoE town langhai village sea south district 1 # 32
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